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Monday, October 5, 2009

Awesome Knits and Yarn Monsters

When Art and Knitting Needles Collide

Knit your way out of stress and anxiety - into a more ordered universe of sophisticated yarn, crochet and lace patterns. Here are the weirdest knitting projects we could find...

Word of advice: finish your projects! The unfinished knitting projects tend to increase entropy ten-fold and fill all the space allowed for them - these misshapen lumps of yarn can breed in the dark corners voraciously.
Let's start with the Biggest Knitted Sculpture - a pink bunny, big enough to be spotted from the Earth's orbit:
Viennese art group Gelitin knitted this fluffy wonder high on a mountain in Piedmont, Italy; it took them five years to do it. Now, some guys climb its belly to watch the sunset, others prefer to crawl around its knitted guts, spilled to one side... Speaking of unfortunate gutted rabbits, here are a few more, from Patricia Waller:
The unspeakable knitted menace, sneaking by the sink:
Did you know that the way to the "Mountains of Madness" is paved with the fluffy Cthulhu Dolls? Of every variety, it seems:
On the left - just an innocent Cthulhu Penguin. On the right: Psycho Tomato from the Vegetable Liberation Army.
One day the menace of the Cthulhu will awaken and terror will fill the Earth... all will die, except hardy knitters with their offerings and cthulhu idols will be spared. Believe it.
Halloween costume idea: the Gollum Hat, with Andy Serkis posing next to it:
Speaking of hats and balaklavas, these designs named "Crochet Help for Ugly Children" are something else:
Knitted Anatomy

This is not Great Aunt Muriel's mothballed sweater. All things knitted are not cutesy, boring, and itchy... at the very least they can teach anatomy to all who care to wear them:
Baby's First DNA molecule
The Womb...
The Heart... (Pattern found in Knit.1, Winter 2006/7)
Every girl needs to knit her hubby a digestive system, because "the way to a man's heart is through his"... no, wait, not like this...
Knitted vegetables... maybe this propaganda will cause your man to eat his vegetables. Maybe not.

Cool and Geeky Knits
Single-sided Klein Bottle Hats:
You know who this is:
This is Dalek from Dr. Who:
Knit Your Own Aquarium
If you didn't get down to New York to see the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef, you can always populate your own textile aquarium with a great variety of knitted & crocheted animals. Knitters have an interesting affinity with deep-sea, many-tentacled & non-cuddly specimens, such as the nautilus:

Squids are in vogue:
Cuttlefish, Jellyfish, Nudibranch and Deep Sea Anglerfish:

Comfy, Woozy Office Supplies:
(knit yourself a cubicle and defend it against evil bosses with sharp, long needles)
Knit an egg holder, and more (some kind of "Awesome Pentagonalicious Goodness"

We did not cover any lace patterns here... wait, there is this urban piece of design that almost got included into our World's Weirdest Fences article:

Lace Fences!

Dutch design team Demakersvan came up with the idea and yes, these fences recently went into mass production in India:


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